Faith Tabernacle Church




Pastor Clint Yandris felt a call to come to Tracy, CA while living in Florida.  He moved here with his beautiful wife, Elisha in 2009.  Pastor Yandris received his ministerial training at Indiana Bible College and at Stockton Bible College.  Pastor and his wife Elisha have two children, Cole and Ella.  They are the darlings of the church.  Sis. Elisha is very active in praise singing, and worship.  Both he and his wife have exhibited wisdom beyond their years and they found great favor not only with God but also with the people.  For one year he assumed the responsibilities of the church during the absence of Bishop Yandris.  It was during this year that God revealed his perfect will in their lives.  In 2012 with the recommendation of Bishop Yandris, the congregation  received Clint Yandris as the new Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church.  His youth vitality, energy as well as his ministry, have taken Faith Tabernacle Church to the "Next Level."  The Bishop and Pastor Yandris are a great team and daily seek God for the direction and growth of our church.  Revival Is happening at Faith Tabernacle Church.


Bishop Nathan and Ramona Yandris came to Tracy, CA in 2009.  Before coming to Tracy, Bishop Yandris served as the Senior Pastor for 12 years in Merced, CA.  Prior to that, he had served as an Assistant Pastor since the 80's.  Bishop Yandris' ministry is highly sought after.  He has been used of God to preach outreach revivals and Holy Ghost Crusades.  The Holy Spirit has continually blessed his ministry by adding many souls to the Kingdom.  God soon Began to direct Bishop Yandris to continue to minister outside the walls of Faith Tabernacle.  He obeyed.  His son, Clint Yandris became the interim pastor during his sabbatical break and God readily confirmed the choice.  The church has continued to mature and grow under his leadership.  Bishop Yandris' wife, Ramona (Daughter of the late Carl Ballestero) is very active with the music department in leading worship and playing keyboards.